Sexual fetishes: cuckolding. What is it?

The term «cuckold» is used to describe a sexual fantasy in which a man allows his wife to have sexual relations with other partners. This type of kink includes elements of humiliation and the dynamics of role reversal in marriage. Cuckolding implies that this fantasy is realized in a couple in which the woman dominates the husband with her sexual partner – bull. There are many options for cuckold fantasy, and today we will talk about them.

  1. What types of cuckolds are there?

One type of dynamic is interracial cuckold, which is based on the couple’s preference for having a bull with a big black cock (bbc). The aesthetics of skin contrast, the element of taboo and the humiliation of a man from not being able to compete with all these fantasies makes this kink very hot.

Other men revel in the anticipation. This kind of cuckold is always waiting for his wife at home from a date, fantasizing about the hottest and dirtiest pictures. When the woman returns, she tells him everything that happened in detail.

Cuckold fantasy goes well with voyeurism. Such a cuckold watches his wife having sex with a bull and enjoys the feeling of pain and excitement, receiving pleasure and excitement from this view.

Cuckolding also goes well with BDSM. These fantasies work by establishing cuckolding restrictions, such as wearing a chastity belt and not having sex with his own wife for certain periods of time while she enjoys sex with bulls.

Some men enjoy this kind of humiliation. This makes them sexually aroused. Here you can add verbal humiliation and verbal abuse during cuckolding games.

Some men enjoy cuckolding, which flirts with their masculinity and bi sexuality. Sissy cuckolds love to dress in feminine clothes and can also enjoy a bit of forced feminization. Bisexual cuckolding includes using a husband to serve a bull instead of a wife, cleaning up traces of sexual intercourse, doing laundry and buying sexy lingerie.

For those who enjoy threesomes or gangbangs, cuckolding also adds a great opportunity for variety. A husband can either participate in a threesome with his wife and a bull, or admire her sexual games in bed with several guys at the same time.

  1. Cuckold couples lifestyle

So, we can see the main points in cuckolding, which include:

  • humiliation;
  • domination over cuckold;
  • breaking taboos;
  • a combination of several sexual practices.

Various sexual fantasies are discussed very often now. There are many adult sites and forums that unite people according to their interests, which is an important point for self-knowledge and the realization of their sexual fantasies.

Attitudes towards marriage and monogamy are gradually changing in the modern world. And the variety of sexual practices gives couples freedom to realize their sexual desires and fantasies. Since cuckolding is a mutual fantasy, and is somehow related to changes in marriage, it is important for relationships in a modern family and traditional roles.

As attitudes towards marriage continue to change and traditional norms expand, cuckolding helps couples try a new lifestyle while preserving their marriage and relationship.