Internet communication and an abundance of choice  

In the modern world, it’s important to remember that each person is unique, and there is no one “right” template for finding love. Check the main principles of problems of online dating scams in the post below. 

The main principle of Internet communication 

What is happening in Internet communication? We get less information about a person without real contact; during a meeting, conscious information is supplemented by unconscious information – smell, small details, and nuances that did not have time to be recorded by attention are noted by the subconscious and make our idea of a person more complete. Our brain does not like emptiness; it immediately fills them with its contents. If we have a partial idea about someone, then we can imagine the rest! 

Therefore, the stranger on the other side of the monitor becomes such a convenient object for hanging out, often groundless expectations and illusions. Perhaps that is why there are more disappointments as a result of subsequent meetings, as the gap between the real and ideal image is also greater.

The problem of abundance of choice 

On social networks, contact with people becomes superficial – if things don’t work out with one person, some easily switch to another by pressing a button in the application. We are faced with a huge number of potential partners, which sometimes leads to a feeling of uncertainty and a lack of decision-making. People don’t have time to open up or get to know each other at – they switch to new acquaintances without analyzing the previous ones. And some even lose faith in the possibility of building relationships.

For example, Gestalt therapy helps in mastering the skill of quality contact with oneself and other people since it is therapy through contact. It provides valuable tools and approaches for developing emotional intimacy and understanding in relationships. Active listening, empathy, open expression of feelings, and a desire to find common ground can all help establish a deep connection, even over the Internet.