Cleaning of a Sex Doll

When you are an adult, you have a lot of things to take care of. To begin with there are chores like bill-paying and tidying up, which however pesky can be disregarded at times. However, one thing that most people might find difficult is keeping their sex dolls clean. Yes, it is essential as an adult to make sure your sex dolls are clean and that they are regularly cleaned or sterilized not just so that infections are not passed on but also simply to keep them in a good condition. Adult life is busy. You have got a lot of responsibilities, and it can feel overwhelming at times, especially if you do not manage your time correctly. You can do this on weekly basis but you can also hire some professionals for this as well. Although it may sound like an unconventional solution, using a professional maid service to take care of these so-called adult responsibilities can make your life much easier, and it might eventually become just as important to you as easily scheduling bills online or paying them on time.

While cleaning your sex doll, you can consider the following things.

  • Material of a Sex doll:

Clearing sex toys can be done by first finding out what materials your toy is comprised of. There are two categories that they can generally be placed into: porous and non-porous. It is important to clean your sex dolls to keep them from becoming a silent disease spreading machine. This means the first step in cleaning a silicone sex doll is finding out what material it is made of. A good rule of thumb for cleaning nonporous materials is soap and water, but other materials are best cleaned by using their specific cleaning instructions if a YouTube video exists demonstrating how to do it that way or there is information online which you can find using Google search queries like this one: “How to clean make up brushes,” because the hair on those objects is similar enough that the steps should at least be helpful (just make sure you follow directions carefully!).

  • Skipping Cleaning might cause passing on STIs:

Cleaning up sex dolls after sex can be a chore to say the least. Especially when you have to try and clean up after sex the dolls that were used that maybe, might need more attention than just soap and water? Trust me, I know what I am talking about. You see, not cleaning your dolls or not doing it properly can cause damage to them over time which leaves you having to buy new ones every now and then and also increases the possibility of passing on STIs so we do not recommend skipping this step.

  • Wash and dry sex dolls after each use:

Though dolls that are porous may harbor more germs than those that are not porous, it is vital to clean up the sex dolls and yourself after you are done playing. Having a designated time each day to put this step-in action will make sure your sex dolls stay as sanitary as they can be. It is imperative that you clean them up as soon after use so that the issue does not get any worse and spread. We know this might sound like a buzzkill, but adopting this crucial step into your routines will keep your sex dolls sanitary and in tip-top shape. Toy companies have designed a whole variety of ways to keep their products clean and sanitary, but sometimes the only way to make sure that your sex dolls are clean enough is to wash and dry them after each use in order to increase their life span. Cleaning of your sex dolls after each use may not sound easy but it is a good prevention to stay healthy.

  • Spread of infection:

Sex dolls can be a wonderful thing, but only if they are clean. Do not risk infections or other unpleasant things by not properly caring for your sex dolls. So, in other words, like just about anything you clean or take care of at home that either has no power source or cannot be connected to one, you will want to make sure you properly wash off your sex dolls after using them. To reiterate, you definitely won’t get an infection from lack of thorough cleaning every time but it is important to know that this may happen because of the type of bacteria or virus and the frequency in which you are using the sex doll.

  • Wash each time before use:

Whether or not you are diligent about thoroughly cleaning your toy every time you use it, you should think about cleaning it before you use it too! Yes, maybe it is only been a few hours since the last time you used it, but sometimes our toys can pick up dirt and other small particles that we do not want to introduce inside of ourselves. It is for this reason that many toy enthusiasts recommend that all toys are always cleaned before using them. Do not be a bad egg. Make sure to wash your toy before using it again. Even after cleaning, toys can still be exposed to materials that can be harmful. For example, there are some oils that you or your partner might have on your hands or face when touching the toy while using it. If they get on the toy and get exchanged during use, you will want to make sure to thoroughly wash it after each session. It is better safe than sorry.