Why Escorts Are Leaving Their Profession?

Why Escorts Are Leaving Their Profession

With the introduction of new pandemic, a lot of professions and industries are failed to cope up. Social distancing has pushed escorts to shut their shops for a while. And this is not the story with Manchester escorts but with escorts of entire world. Sex workers across the world have seen unemployment and lower income. A sudden fear has taken shape in the mind of many escorts and they now fear for their income, health and upkeep their lifestyle. Most importantly, all of this just happened in an overnight resulted in a deep panic amongst humans.

Emma, a 35 years old escort who has been working from a long time in this profession, carefully built her clientele. But the spread of COVID-19 impacted her business and the need for social distancing has created a fear in her mind for loosing all her hard work.

“I am sitting at my home from last 6 months and that’s terrible for a business where I am in. a lot of people will forget my me and that doesn’t work in our industry. To build intimacy with the clients this is just not a good situation,” she speaks her mind out.

Before this pandemic, a lot of escorts like Emma were working perfectly and managed to earn a handsome living to pay their mortgage s and able to afford a good lifestyle. Now, suddenly they are in the verge of loosing everything they have earned.

The only hope they have is virtual offerings but one thing which can’t be replaced in moving online is the experience lies in physical contact. Emma tried herself settling in online business, but it didn’t work out for her.

While the process of unlocking has begun with the proposed guidelines issued by the regional government, there has been no plans in place for escort industry. This has put thousands of sex workers in deep anxiety.

However, financial assistance in terms of relief package has also put in place by the government for all those who have lost their income due to the virus outbreak, but none of the escorts in Manchester and nearby areas are qualified for such schemes. And, it’s not a local problem this has been faced by dozens of countries around the world. Government is trying its best to accommodate the need of its people in this pandemic situation.

The process of unlocking is a ray of hope for many escorts in this darkest time. Some sex workers have started visiting clients, risking hefty fines and virus exposure in countries where lockdown has been lifted away.

The time is tough, and we all know it requires patience and a long wait because even though the prostitution reopens for clients, it will take a long time to get things normal. Or who knows what will be the new normal.  Call our agency now for booking top class Liverpool Escorts.