Mruffalo – Mai Shiraishi – The Japanese goddess makes many hearts fall in love

Biography of Mai Shiraishi

Mai Shiraishi was born on August 20, 1992, in Gunma, Japan, currently a model and singer. She is a vital member of the group Nogizaka46 since the group’s inception. Presently, she is considered the ace of the group Nogizaka46 with the top beauty of the Japanese beauty world.

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Mai Shiraishi is also the first in the group to step into the modeling field. With her top beauty and perfectly charming figure, she soon received invitations to big shows. Thanks to that, she also brought the name of the group Nogizaka46 up and became a formidable opponent of AKB48.

As mentioned, AKB48 is a large group of members that influences many other countries around the world. But since 2011, it has met a very strong opponent – Nogizaka46 with the participation of Mai Shiraishi.

Talking about female idol Mai Shiraishi, this is a talented girl with a powerful voice. She is considered to have a good voice, charisma, and the best expression in the group. It is evidenced by the fact that she is always chosen to perform in important shows.

Besides, Mai Shiraishi is also known to international friends for her charming photo albums. With pictures showing perfect three circles, Mai makes anyone admire.

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The career of female idol Mai Shiraishi

Mai Shiraishi has nurtured her dream of becoming a singer and entered the University of the Arts. With the teacher’s suggestion, in 2011, she auditioned to debut in the idol group Nogizaka46. With a good voice, beautiful appearance, good physique; she was chosen and became the first-generation member group.

Although she is one of the older members of the group, Mai is not inferior to her juniors. She is one of the members with the strongest fan base among the members of the group. Of course, a lot of it is due to her beautiful looks, her plain and lovely personality.

It can be said that Mai’s idol career is also outstanding, but not equal to the modeling field. She earns a vast income with her modeling job. This is also quite understandable about Mai’s sweet beauty at this time, it is difficult for any beauty to overcome.

If you also love Mai Shiraishi, please always follow and support her next projects. Don’t forget to listen to the songs performed by Mai Shiraishi again to motivate her on the artistic path.

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