What are Healthy Routines that Can Help Your Sex Life

Good sex and good health work hand in hand. And among the greatest means to have better intercourse is to have a different exercise routine. Below are some exercises you must consider putting in your training regime if you want to know how to have good sex:

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise (jogging, fast walking, and running) has been proven to greatly boost a man’s sexual performance and sexual wellbeing. A recent study discovered that active men, no matter what race, had better sexual performance and erectile than the less active ones.

Another study found that for every 30-minute boost, every day, in moderate to strenuous exercise, men had a 43% decreased opportunity of having erectile dysfunction.

Basic Floor Exercises

Basic sit-ups and push-ups strengthen your used muscles during sex — the abdominals, chest, and shoulders.

If you’re not yet able to do a proper push-up, begin proceeding with the knees on the floor and work up to performing a single push-up. Later on, boost the number of repetitions you could accomplish until you could reach 10. At the least, you should hold yourself in a “plank” stance for 20-30 seconds.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As you get old, you have to train fast and hard to get further performance benefits. You should also get a training program that provides you with the utmost health benefits in a little period.

HIIT is a kind of exercise that depends on all-out, fast effort, for short intervals followed by a whole recovery period between each set. For instance, doing rowing, sprints, or burpees flat out for 45 seconds with a one-minute rest after that – repeated 8-10 times.

HIIT has been proven to promote aerobic capacity and improve total testosterone levels, which means higher staying power in bed. What’s more stunning is that HIIT could improve free testosterone levels. I include HIIT 3 times every week in my exercise program.

Kegel Exercises

Kegels are an exercise you could perform just about anytime, anywhere — not having to break a sweat, and without anyone knowing you’re performing them. Kegels are often considered a women’s exercise, but they’re useful for men’s sexual functioning as well.

If you’ve ever deliberately halted your urine flow for many seconds when you go to the toilet, then you’ve trained your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. You may improve your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing this movement many times daily (carry the press for 10 seconds, relax, and cycle eight or more times), which will help you postpone ejaculation, have more power over an orgasm, and have better sex.

Set a reminder on your calendar to do them initially after waking up. They work, believe me. Don’t make any of the other suggestions in this post if you don’t like them. (One caveat: if you’re experiencing prostatitis or CPPS [chronic pelvic pain syndrome], avoid practicing Kegels since the additional tensing/strengthening of the pelvic muscles may aggravate your pelvic discomfort.)

Lifting Weights

Resistance exercise (lifting heavy things) can increase testosterone levels while boosting lower and upper-body strength and general stamina. Working large muscle groups such as the legs and quads produces the best benefits (squats, lunges, etc.).


Certain stretches, like “pelvic stretching,” have been shown to improve orgasms and keep you supple and injury-free when having sex.

This is how to do them: Wear comfortable clothes and lie on your back on a mat on the floor. Bend the knees and set your feet slightly apart. Make sure your arms are at your sides. Inhale deeply and tighten the buttocks and buttocks simultaneously, elevating your pelvis till you have a straight back. Exhale and drop your body after holding this position for ten seconds or more. Several times is sufficient.


Yoga improves sexual flexibility and vitality while strengthening your pelvic muscles. Elbow balancing, bow pose, and bow pose all help to strengthen your pelvic muscles, while pigeon pose, triangle pose, and standing forward bend help to increase your mobility.

Emotional, physical, psychological, and nutritional factors all play a role in great sex. Exercise is the most effective strategy to preserve your physical health. It also helps men have better sex and greater erectile function.