Reasons Piano Online Music Learning Is Booming Among Kids In India


Many scientists say playing the piano can develop the artistic side of the brain. The current covid 19 pandemic has opened new doors for Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning, many students are now taking advantage of this trend.

Learning music should start at an early age. The best age to learn to play the piano is 6-9 years. Because children at this age can absorb lessons quickly. Still hesitant to get your child to learn the piano? Maybe, the reasons below can make you even more convinced!

Improve The Academic Results Of The Child

In general, children who take Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning do well. This is because the piano is not just about hobbies, pleasures, or ordinary activities. Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning have the element of fun needed to attract children’s attention while testing their intellectual abilities and greatly contributing to their development.

Frances Rauscher, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Gordon Shaw, a doctor at the University of California, in his research show that young children who play the piano and sing get the highest grades in school.

The study observed the behavior of about 50 children aged 3 to 4 years for 8 months. They were divided into 3 groups: those who took singing or piano classes, those who took IT classes, and those who did not take any classes. At the end of the test period, all children were asked to take a spatial recognition test, and the singing or piano class group scored 31% higher than the other two groups.

It is thus proven that piano (or singing) classes can develop a child’s spatial recognition skills. The more often these skills are honed, the greater the chances of children getting the best math or science results in school. Who knew that learning scales, reading sheet music, and piano posture were so beneficial?

Strengthen Self-Confidence

Playing musical instruments, especially the piano, enriches children’s abilities and skills. By learning the piano, your child will be able to play a song, an ability that will make him proud in front of others.

This is why it is so important to support your child during piano practice, congratulating them on any challenges they have successfully faced, such as a newly learned piano song or perhaps a chord progression that the child plays perfectly. This support will encourage them to continue practicing the piano and love Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning, and of course, become more skilled pianists, and continue to increase their confidence.

Can Train Listening And Cooperation

A child who takes Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning with a piano teacher will acquire better listening skills than other children. To develop in the piano, the Child must practice and listen carefully to the instructions given by the teacher. Although the piano is an entertainment activity, piano classes are a form of work that requires a lot of effort.

A child who takes Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning before entering school will be more disciplined and pay more attention to the teacher, the experience gained from guidance and knowledge of the relationship between teacher and student in music class.

Why not try to get your child through the most difficult parts of the piano, such as memorizing scales and keys, having perfect piano posture, and reading sheet music by giving him a chance to pass with his friends. As is well known, music can be played by several people at the same time.

Contrary to popular conception, music is not a solitary activity. Learning to play the piano will help your child integrate into a musical group or orchestra later in life. With this child’s many experiences, it will be useful to improve your child’s development in cooperation and teamwork skills, which are important skills for the future!