What You Should Know on How to Have Great Sex

Whether you’re completely new to lovemaking or wish to know how to have amazing sex, this guide is perfect for you. Sex could be among the most wonderful life experiences, but nobody has an instruction guide. Not until now.

What are the best tips for men and women who want to know how to have great sex?

When it comes to sex, there’s room for personal expression or limitless creativity.

The following rules provide you with a solid understanding so you can enjoy knowing how to have sex — as a complete beginner or anytime you wish to make your sexual life more satisfying.

Here are the best sex tips for men and women who want to know how to have great sex every time.

Forget What You’ve Seen in the Movies

If you know how to have sex from seeing films, you would have a terrible sex life.

In virtually all sex scenes in a Hollywood film, the couples kiss very passionately, tear each other’s clothes off, get into the bed, and in just seconds, the guy is thrusting violently. Then the girl throws her head back from the pleasure—end of the scene.

In reality, you do not have to hurry to have sex. Take the time. Enjoy every part of foreplay, seduction, and the steady build to a toe-curling climax. Each time you become intimate, you have the opportunity to boost eagerness, tease your partner, create yearning, and gradually reveal yourself to each other.

Master Foreplay Techniques

As you get to know how to get through sex, change your knowledge of foreplay from a fast warm-up to the main game.

Rather than considering foreplay as what happens before sex, consider it before having a climax. When you change your understanding, you immediately learn that foreplay is the most satisfying phase of sex.

Full-body touch, kissing, fingering, massage, oral sex, hand jobs, or even anal stimulation could all be part of the steady, delightful build of pleasure.


Get Comfortable Being Naked

A lot of people are so uncomfortable regarding their bodies that they do not want to be seen naked by the other party.

Usually, one part of the body leads to extremely deep shame: sagging breasts, jiggly thighs, and puffy nipples. Something’s too small, too big, does not seem right.

If you want to figure out how to have amazing sex, you should become familiar with your body and be confident about it. Trust us; your partner isn’t as worried about your body being amazing as they are about you having a great time.

Become used to seeing your body move and figure out how to adore it so you can freely give your body to your lover and get all the satisfaction you deserve to feel.

Learn How to Masturbate

If you want to understand how to engage in sexual relations with somebody, you need to understand how to make love to yourself.

Masturbation is not only for starters — it could be a deep-rooted skill and practice in pleasuring yourself whenever you want. Through masturbation, you’ll find out your most sensitive areas, what sort of touch you like the most, and what procedures carry you to climax.

Learn How to Make Her Orgasm

If you want to figure out how to engage in sexual relations that are more orgasmic for both you and your partner, focus on giving your lady a climax each time before the sex starts.

Most ladies need clitoral stimulation before climaxing, so figure out how to use your mouth and hands to carry her to climax without fail. Then, sex could be considerably more playful and relaxing. Sex can feel much more pleasurable to her after climax.