Understanding The Difference Between Prostitution And Escort Services

For many, escorts and prostitutes are the same. However, that is not the case. Escorts and prostitutes do spend time with their clients for money, but the activities they engage in and the services they provide are quite different.

Let’s discuss the top 6 differences between an escort and a prostitute.

1.   The process of hiring

Escort services are usually hired using escort agencies. Some escorts have their websites too and this eliminates the need for hiring via agencies. Overall, escorts are completely professional. On the other hand, hiring a prostitute doesn’t take much. They are usually standing on the street and you can talk or bargain with them about their rates and hire them from there.

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Type of services

Escorts are usually hired for companionship, sex may or may not be a part of the deal. Escorts usually accompany their clients at parties, have dinner with them, and even travel with them to different places. An escort is a classy and stylish female who offers her time. However, a prostitute, on the other hand, only offers sex against money. She doesn’t go to parties with her clients or travel with them.

Difference of workplace

Escorts usually check-in in luxury hotels and ride expensive cars. They are rich and maintain a high-class lifestyle. Their clients take them to prestigious places and treat them well. Nevertheless, prostitutes have to stand on the streets for hours. They are, in most cases if not all, treated rudely, and have to work in unhygienic environments. Dirty brothels and cheap hotel rooms are truly a big concern for prostitutes.

1.   Level of education and training

Most of the escorts are well-educated and formally trained. They know proper etiquette and can gel in with high-class people very easily. Also, some escorts act like they are their client’s girlfriend. They provide much-needed intimacy to their clients. Conversely, prostitutes have not received any sort of training. They just take care of their client’s sexual needs.

2.   Standard of living

Escorts are well-groomed and high-maintenance females. They wear sophisticated clothes and are presentable at most events. Prostitutes, however, wear revealing outfits. They usually aren’t worried about maintaining any class or style. You can easily recognize a prostitute by her clothing and gesture.

3.   Legality

Escort services are legal since it is not about paying for sex, but companionship. However, prostitution is illegal, and thus sex workers have to be cautious all the time. If a prostitute is caught for providing sex against money, she will be penalized.

The major difference between an escort and a prostitute is always about the type of services they provide. Next time when you want someone to accompany you, think of what exactly do you need – companionship or sex, because certainly escorts and prostitutes are not the same.