The Contemporary World Escorts for Adult Work in  Amsterdam

‘Adultwork Escorting’ is one of the oldest professions known to exist, dating back to ancient times when it was common practice in “” temples dedicated to different deities.

The business model of paying for sex or “companionship” has changed little since its humble beginnings thousands of years ago — but in a new modern era, with the ability to connect to a large online audience at your fingertips, finding no-strings, un-emotionally attached sex has never been easier.

Adultwork is the market champion in connecting with customers, receiving over ten million hits per month from hungry males willing to spend their money on a few hours of emotionless intercourse.

Clearly, there is a demand, so it is no surprise that thousands of young women are signing up to the site every day to cash in, despite the clear risks involved.

The legality of ‘escorting’ is still somewhat murky — Prostitution has been illegal in the United Kingdom since 1985, but escorting has avoided falling into that category because’sex’ is never openly provided by London escorts.  The money exchanged has been cleverly rephrased to pay for the girls’ “time” — but what occurs when two consenting adults are together during that “time” is among them….

While there are several respectable escort directories online that state unequivocally that sex is not on the menu — it’s difficult not to see the contradiction when all of the girls profiles on Adultwork list their preferred sexual positions, as well as how much extra they charge .sweet girls escort will cost — It’s far from discreet as to what is genuinely being sold….

Finally, despite my worries for the girls’ safety, I believe that what girls choose to do with their own bodies should not be legislated against.

I spoke with a famous adultwork escort on the site (who wishes to remain anonymous) to get her thoughts on the industry and learn more about her future plans…..

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I’m not sure what I wanted to be when I was a kid. I couldn’t care less about what my folks or society expected of me. I was always a little defiant, and I knew exactly what I didn’t want to be. My parents wanted me to go to university, but I hated studying, so when I was 19, I began my own business instead.

What made you get into escorting?

I returned from a long vacation early this year with no job and nowhere to go. Literally jobless and destitute. At this time, one of my friends suggested that I try escorting and introduced me to the AdultWork website. I suppose I’ve always looked down on prostitutes and thought the idea of having sex with unknown people for money was disgusting and something I’d never be able to do. But I figured I didn’t have much of an option, and since I have nothing to lose, why not give it a shot? I’ll stop and do something else if I don’t like it or can’t do it. After nearly a year of guiding, I believe

Is your family conscious of what you’re up to? Is it acceptable to them?

I informed all of my acquaintances, and even my family, about what I was planning. They don’t evaluate me; they simply care about me.

How has your work affected your personal relationships?

It has had no effect on any of my interactions. Regardless of what I’m doing, my friends still adore me. And I don’t have a particularly close relationship with my relatives.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a client? Or would you ever get jealous if a regular client went with another escort?

Yes, we do see each other on a daily basis with one of my clients. He was, in fact, my very first customer. Because we don’t live together, I wouldn’t term it a relationship. We both have lifestyles and require our own space due to our jobs. He is free to do whatever he wishes, including seeing other London escorts if he so desires. How could I ask him not to do it when my job requires me to have sex with various men every day? That would be unjust.

It’s fairly cool that we don’t judge each other and that there’s no jealousy.

I don’t give a damn if a client sees another escort. Why would you?

Can you tell us about the first escort job?

I recall being very concerned about my work. I wanted to work in a brothel because I believed it would be safer and more secure with other people around me. I dialed several phone numbers and even went into one brothel and remained for a day to see how it works, but it was so sketchy that I left after a few hours and brought another girl with me, literally rescuing her! After this experience, I simply began working from my rented apartment, and I’ve been working entirely on my own and independently ever since. The only exception is when I schedule a duo with another girl.

Have you ever had any bad experiences in the job? stalkers? weird fetishes etc?

I’d divide the two inquiries. I begin with strange obsessions. Normally, I do a variety of things, but I favor PSE (porn star experience) to Adultwork GFE. (girlfriend experience). The reason is that I despise kissing customers… When they ask if I like kissing, I think it’s a stupid query. I wish I could tell them, “Of course I love kissing, but not with you, asshole!!” but I can’t…

I once had a plea for dominance. Okay, I said. The man arrived during lunch break, a fat British man dressed in a tuxedo. He removed chains from his bag that had nipple clumps on the ends. The nipple clusters had to be clipped.

I only had one criminal case: I went on an outcall to a motel for an overnight booking. I spent 5 hours with the guy, and he got very drunk because he had been drinking all night, so he couldn’t really act. I heard the door banging when I went to the restroom to take a shower. I assumed he went down to the bar to drink more, but when I returned to my room, I discovered he had placed all of the money he had given me in an envelope in my bag. (Because he believed he couldn’t fuck me, he doesn’t give me anything, even though he squandered 8 hours of my life..) I immediately contacted the police and informed them of what had occurred.

How much money can you make?

I never made less than £1500 per week, but I typically make between £2,000 and £3,000 per week. I’ve never earned this much money in my life, and I believe it’s because I’m my own boss first and foremost. But I know a lot of girls who advertise on and they don’t earn even half of this. I believe they do not expend enough energy and effort to make their profile stick out, or that they do not have access to their own profile if, for example, a pimp or madam manages it. I spend a lot of time working on my profile and uploading photos and videos. It’s

What is the best bit about being an adult working as a United States escort?

THE FREEDOM!! I have complete control over my working hours and do not have to get up in the morning to go to work. I can work whenever I want, and I can take a day off whenever I want. I had never lived so freely in my life.

Actually, I believe that 99.9% of humanity is in total slavery, with only a small percentage having this freedom while having more than enough money to survive. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to live this freely and autonomously as an adult United States escort.