State of Vermont joins other states hoping to make sex work legal


” Is there a clarification that we need to censure grown-up consensual sex between people on any standing?” asked a Progressive Rep. from Burlington, Vermont She has introduced a bill that would decriminalize prostitution in her state. This bill is asking for the creation of a special committee to review and make recommendations on changing and modernizing prostitution laws in the state. The main objection of this bill is to make prostitution safe as well as to remove the stigma from being a sex worker. Very often this “symbol” stops people from going to police to report problems and asking for help. New bill is proposed to provide protection and health care to sex workers while keeping its laws against sex trafficking. The proposed bill was headed to the state House floor for further discussion.

Meanwhile, Colburn, hopes a related proposal will have a better chance of approval this year: “This bill would give immunity to people who were victims of or witnessed a crime while engaged in prostitution or sex trafficking so they can report it to law enforcement”


There are tremendous measures of bits of knowledge about the fierceness, the noteworthy degrees of brutality, and sex trap that people who participate in sex work understanding.” 

At this time, prostitution in the USA is legal only in state of Nevada, where sex work is permitted only in licensed brothels in eight state’s counties. Currently, growing movement for change to decriminalize prostitution has started in several states like New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Maine, and the state of Vermont has brought it from the stage of “just talking” to the level of legal discussion. Advocates of the bill in Vermont strongly believe that this is the first step that will trigger further discussion and necessary education to justification of decriminalizing prostitution in other states.
Last year, a decriminalization bill was introduced in New York, where supported are pushing for a repeal of criminal penalties for prostitution.

TS Candii, a transgender woman and former sex worker from New York City said: “It’s a stepping stone to reclaiming back our identity, our voice,” “This is a stepping stone to be able to walk outside and not have to worry about so much … profiling from the police.”

Nina Luo, an organizer with the Decrim NY group working to decriminalize the sex trades in the State of New York and New York City states: “A lot of people accomplishing sex work are exchanging sex out of conditions: they’re destitute, they’re encountering inabilities, they’re trans and they’re encountering separation in the work environment,”

In recent years in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts and Maine, a proposal to decriminalize the buying and selling of sex has not received an approval and was not pushed forward.

Changing the laws is always difficult and take time that sometimes stretches to years. Even-though the World Health Organization supports decriminalization, making changes around the subject of “the buying and selling of sex” will definitely be not easy.

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