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That could be, according to others. Many people believe that sexuality is a positive and normal emotion and also helps consumers encourage healthier behaviours and expectations about sex. These statements are also followed by remarks that if someone is not watching porn, something may be wrong with them, such as repressed sexuality or having a closed mind.

Often, porn is also suggested as a relationship builder with your girlfriend, a method to keep the sex life of a couple fresh and enjoyable, and a natural and safe overall expression for your physical and mental state.

But no matter how enticing any of those sounds, is this any backed up by what the majority of major institutions’ research says?

We’re not only talking about those observations that porn can become addictive, though neurological studies still endorse porn following the addiction model. We are talking about porn in general; addictions aside-can it is healthy? Will you be wise to watch it, even occasionally?

We are going to let you decide for you, but here are some details worth learning that will help you make an educated decision.

Porn triggers good mental health

Let’s speak about individual customer wellbeing. Around 1 in 5 people experience mental illness in a given year, and as the symptoms are more commonly understood, it is becoming more widespread.

But what are effect on mental health after watching porn?

Porn activates the reward center in the brain, which fills the consumer’s brain with dopamine. As most addictive substances/behaviours, this in the given moment produces short-term satisfaction. It might feel good at the moment, but the reality is that generally, watching porn will cause long-term issues for the survival and wellbeing of the customers themselves.

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In all honesty, if someone spends a lot of time with the normal viewing cycle of pornography, it can sometimes turn into a painful, demeaning, self-loathing, and lonely kind of experience. It not only affects the person watching porn but also the relationships and the ones you care about.

Studies have found that when people participate in a “self-concealment” pattern that is doing something they’re not proud of and keeping it a secret, it makes them more vulnerable to serious physiological issues.

Davin Quigley
the authorDavin Quigley