Do you have to pay to sign up for online dating sites?

Finger of woman pushing heart icon on screen in mobile smartphone application. Online dating app, valentine's day concept.

Free Online dating sites and applications are quite abundant on the internet, google play store and app store. There are many in number. Some of these online dating sites are completely free of cost, and some may charge you as high a subscription fee as $40 a month! This entirely depends on which online dating website or application you are using. Paid ones offer more features than those with no subscription, but both maintain their own standards in terms of security and confidentiality.

Many dating sites come with no cost but not at the cost of your security. Some extra features, like calling options, video chatting facilities, and a highly filtered partner portfolio, can be accessed, and such features are chargeable in many cases. Though not much but these come in monthly, half-yearly, and annual packages as per the subscriber’s need. Some people may be in a rush to explore new relationships they wished for so long, while some may go easy and take their own time to proceed.

Do online dating sites have age limits?

There is an old saying which says there is no age for love. The need for a partner to rely on may rise at any point in life. Although most of the free online dating site maintain the margin of minimum age to sign up for the same, which is 18 years for India, 15 for the UK, and so on, concerning the nationality; however, there is no bar above.

Anyone from any age group, it is an adult, can sign up for online dating sites and look for new meaning in their lives. It has not only been a hit among youngsters, but even people belonging to their late 50s and 60s had shown much interest when it came to online dating. People who lost their partners, or have not settled yet, have chosen online dating sites as a brilliant solution to their loneliness. Even if at the age of 60, people look forward positively to start a new life and dream to live again, so, all in all, online dating sites are rather boon than a curse as people might misunderstand it to be.

So the approach and idea are quite clean: to make people meet each other on the virtual ground, let people know each other more, and decide thoroughly about their lives.